Project Info

In Broken Sanity the player takes control over an insane, who tries to escape his constraints. Therefore he experiences different aspects of insanity and loses himself in the depth of his distorted mind, from which there seems to be no escape. Broken Sanity explores the usual boundaries in games, to which we are accustomed to, and forces the player to go beyond them. The Game was made in about 30 Days at the end of the first Semester Game-Design by all seventeen Students of the year 2014. The game is in german and so far the language can’t be changed.

My role: Visual Lead and 6 Ingame Screens.

Download for WIN
Download for MAC


Visuals, Story, Sounds
Benjamin Andermatt
Fabio Baumgartner
Dennis Bodenmann
Julia Bohren
Andres Bucher
David Hohl
Yannic Hungerbühler
Silja Läng
Jeremy Petrus
Annika Rüegsegger
Eric Schärrer
Manuel Schneuwly
Joelle Tobler
Anika Weber
Marc Wegmann

Max Striebel