Project Info

Soundscape is an audiovisual experience designed for the virtual-reality headset «HTC Vive». The experience results from the interplay between interaction, music an a abstract environment. Through movements in the real space, the player has a direct influence on the visual apperance of the virtual environment and the richness of tone, chord sequence and soundlayers of the different musictracks.

In the beginning the player faces an empty, white world. Manipulating objects in his proximity enables him to form a world out of nowhere and by that also form the music of the game. Through playful exploration the player experiences further phases of the game and dives into unknown, musical worlds with different audiovisual moods of their own. The music of Soundscape was composed by «Louis Edlinger».

The screenshots below show the state of the experience at the end of the Bachelor @ZHdK and are all work in Progress.