Project Info

Spam is a 3 player boardgame that originated during the 2nd Semester at the Zürich University of the Arts, in cooperation with Andres Bucher. Every player seeks to move 3 of his 7 figures across the board. The first player to achieve that goal wins the game. Since the player has to move every single one of his figures, if he wants to move, the board gets spammed very fast. In addition players can activate the orange rings or jump over figures to send them back to their base. The board is lasercutted out of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) and  painted with spraycans. The colors on the second layer of MDF are visible through lines out of plexiglass, which mark the play area for the figures.

Download Instructions (German)


Design, Craft
Andres Bucher
Manuel Schneuwly